Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bipartisanship is dead! Long live bipartisanship!

Let's admit that there are not two parties in congress. There are three: Republicans, Democrats, and Blue Dogs.
I believe the president, using all his political skills, can craft a bipartisan healthcare package that satisfies both the blue dogs and the democrats.

There must be threats, of course. Not just carrots, but sticks. Fortunately, the congressfolks have excellent health insurance, so they can gain treatment to cure what bruises may come.

The Republicans? At this point, I think crafting a bill - any bill - that wins the support of a significant number of Republican senators or congressmembers would be a source of shame, not pride, for any reputable legislator. That Obama wants to craft bills that would garner Republican votes shows a lack of good judgment on his part. I hope he really doesn't hold up the progress of his administration for that vain pursuit.


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