Tuesday, November 11, 2008

After all the hullaballoo - Is he against Israel? Does he have mean, crusty Carter-era anti-semites as advisors? Is he a secret Muslim? - it turned out that 77% of Jews voted for Obama.

Wow, that's a lot you may say. The Jewish vote must have been rallying to the election of a minority to the presidency. No, you wouldn't say that. Hopefully you wouldn't say that, anyway.

See. Here's the thing. Kerry won 74% of the Jewish vote, or so I heard on the radio. Al Gore garnered 79%. Looks like the Jews were color-blind and voted pretty much as they always have.


Well, I know Jewish voters who have always voted democratic but didn't this time. They just didn't feel Obama was pro-Israel enough. I also heard my people, whether they be Shasu or Habiru archaeologically, showed signs of straying from their democratic roots, in this the multiplicity of their fruitfulness. Younger Jewish voters were more likely to vote McCain than their wise elders (who evidently decided better the reputed muslim than the known radical Christian Palin). We are probably the only subset of the nation's population to be trending in that direction this year.

What does it all mean? The dread time when the Democratic party can no longer rely on the Jewish vote is steadily approaching, masked by the Obama near-landslide.

It's fortunate, indeed, that Virginia and Colorado and North Carolina are looking like the possible swing-states of the future, leaving Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania behind.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama won. Obama Won! Obama Won

Nope. It doesn't matter what tricks of typography I try, it still feels anticlimactic.

Big tears. Life goes on

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