Sunday, July 13, 2008

So...I started this blog as an aspiring writer. Hey, I even have links to Zines where my stories appeared at one time. But, like, totally, haven't been writing for a long time, baby. I ain't no writer no more. I know I'll never be an emblazoned member of the storied class.

But... ya know, writing was in itself a thrill worth the trip. Despite a friend stating that writing without the intent of getting published is basically masturbation, I side with Thoreau (or Emerson or one of those guys. Maybe it was Buddha?) It's the trip.

I'm in the process of working myself up to committing to do a Nano Wrimo 50,000 words in a month of a novel. Should I? Heck no. Probably not. But yet, but still, maybe I could anyway.

Or maybe - never mind. I waste enough time to psychically recharge, that if this really matters to me I can do it.

I wish I remembered how...

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