Saturday, May 17, 2008


I want to follow politics. But now, finally I've been forced to admit to myself that there's simply no story out there to follow. Not even Jon Stewart can excite my interest at this point in the meaningless wind down before the eventual coronation of Barak Obama as the democratic nominee.
We're entering a true dryspell. McCain's VP? Who could possibly care? Anyone misguided enough to vote for McCain after he's spent 4 years shilling for Bush's phenomenally phailed policies - especially the ones he himself denounced 8 years ago - shouldn't care. Unless the VP is satan himself, it won't affect their vote. (Insert appropriate Dick Cheney joke here.) Anyone who changes their vote to a horrible prez candidate because they like the VP... Well, let's just say it's hard to use a voting machine through the straitjacket. It can't much matter.

Obama's VP will be a fairly traditional selection I think, if only to counter all the complete lack of tradition to the dem's primary season. So, no go Hillary. No to Richardon, who should have been the strong candidate with gravitas based on his picture-perfect resume, but instead played an off-the-wall goofball. No to Edwards, just because a 1-term senator won't cut it.
My money's on a swing-state governor we haven't heard bandied about just yet, nor will we much before the choice. So, all the time wasted on speculation and horse-racing that contest won't even remotely approach useful.

So, now's a good time to read some science fiction instead....

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