Thursday, April 27, 2006

The life you save may be your own

But first we need to help save the people of Darfur from being wiped out. Genocide isn't a tough call. We're against it.

Come to the mall in DC and let people around the world know we care, and we demand the genocide come to an end.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It's difficult for me to get worked up about the latest demonstrations of incompetence and deceptions of the American people by this administration. Truly, truly, truly, their lying, poor judgment, and general inability to run a roadside stand, much less a country has been on clear display for more than four years now.

The press asks how Bush's poll numbers dropped all the way to 36% job approval. To anyone who's been paying attention, the question has long been how his numbers have been and stayed so high. Almost four out of ten people think he's doing a good job? While turning surpluses into record deficits? While turning the world's sympathy after 9/11 into the greatest isolation we've suffered as a country since the U.S. ended slavery? While defying the clear and obvious effects of outdated industrial policies that are leading to a global warming we soon won't be able to reverse? There's too much more to mention.

What has he done right?

Should those 36% of people who think Bush has done a good job be allowed to vote ever again? Of course they should. If they can manage to see the world in such a way that the Bush administration has been a positive for the United States, they are possessed of such extreme creative talent, that such a force can not possibly be stopped.

Now if only we could find a way to weild such power for good.

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