Friday, January 28, 2005

More thoughts on Writers of the Future.

In my first incarnation as a writer (early nineties), I submitted to Algis Budrys a few times. It was quite a nice experience to find myself actually appearing in a forum he edited. One of my recent regrets is that I will (most likely) never be published by Gardner Dozois. Another hero cleverly retires, thus escaping my aspirations.

Though I'm never completely satisfied with anything I write, I am proud of Monkey See, Monkey Deduce. If you read just one Jonathan Laden short story this year, let it be that one.

Writing is like reverse Alcoholics Anonymous. It is truly necessary every day to reaffirm the addiction, and to take in some writing. (As reverse AA does it help to be an athiest? That question's out of my league as a theologian.)

Peace to anyone who may read this. Write prolifically, if that's your poison of choice. As Anne Lamott insists, allow yourself to write poorly when necessary...

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